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 Each year, I found myself copying the same old pages of maps and other worksheets for my children.  Africa was still Africa and a mountain was still a mountain, just on a different sheet of paper and printed with another cartridge of ink!  I began searching for ways to integrate geography for each of them.  Also wanted to cut back on printing costs.  This is how our "Big Geography Book" was formed!

evo 825 1171

When you open it up completely, it looks like this...

evo 825 1177
And it easily folds up to be stored like this...

evo 825 1206

Each continent has its own pocket which was made with 2 pieces of thick  12x12 card stock, laminated side by side...

evo 825 1167

Then the sides were stapled to create pockets...

evo 825 1169

It contains political and physical maps for each continent that were laminated and bound.  This way they could practice with dry erase markers again and again, from one year to the next...
evo 825 1181

Created a cover page for a  vocabulary folder, filled with notebook paper and added divide tabs.
Notes folder was also added...
evo 825 1173

And lastly, a section on landforms.  The cover page was created...

evo 825 1184

And worksheets were also created...
evo 825 1184

Each of these folders were attached to the pockets using velcro dots.  This way they could be removed with ease and returned when done...
evo 825 1170

And there you have it!  Our "Big Geography Book"!  
Here are a few of the resources we use for practice and projects:
The Wold Reference Maps & Forms  By: Jo Ellen Moore
Beginning Geography  By: Evan-Moor Publishing
Children's Illustrated World Atlas  By: Rand McNally and Company
Africa   By: Jo Ellen Moore
Europe  By: Jo Ellen Moore
South America   By: Jo Ellen Moore
Noth America   By: Jo Ellen Moore
Australia   By: Jo Ellen Moore
Asia  By: Jo Ellen Moore


Hope you find this helpful.  I will be adding additional links to resources soon!


  1. Wow! This is inspirational! I am forever trying to avoid printing out the same maps each year! What a fabulous concept! And I do so love to laminate! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you found us. I share your love for laminating :)

  2. So brilliant! Thanks for sharing the idea and pictures.

  3. I couldn't open the highlighted links. I would like to make one of these for Cycle 3. Mainly just the United States for now, what would I put in it?

  4. LOVE this! Thank you for sharing!! :-)

  5. Absolutely BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!



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