Thursday, October 1, 2015

World History, Week 6

   This week was the first week of block 2. For those unfamiliar with us, we use a block schedule that consists of 5 weeks of school to 1 week off. During this block we will be wrapping up our study of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. In our text, Western Civilization, 8th edition by Spielvogel, we will be covering chapters 4-6. I begin each block by distributing a copy of our lesson plans. You can download a copy of our World History, block 2 lesson plans here.

Now we're ready to get started:

Lesson 11:

1. Video: The Hellenistic Age
2. PowerPoint Presentation: The Golden Age of Pericles (By: Students of History)
3. Complete the H/O in your notebook: Ancient Greek Wars (By: Students of History)
4. Video:

5. H/O: Alexander the Great and Hellenistic Culture (By: Students of History)
6. Homework: Read and take notes: Chapter 4, pages 89-104. Complete for homework. Be sure to complete before next class period!!!

Related Movies:
Alexander the Great

Lesson 12:

1. Video: Alexander the Great
2. PowerPoint: Alexander the Great (By: Students of History)
   Review and take notes.
3. H/O: Analyze Sources on Alexander the Great
4. Read and take notes: Chapter 4, Pages 104-112
Movie: The Bible: Hope (Netflix)


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