Monday, September 14, 2015

World History: Week 3

     This week we wrapped up our study of ancient civilizations covered within our text. We spent some time on the Ancient civilizations of China and India and reviewed what we learned about the previously studied civilizations of Africa and Mesopotamia. We incorporated the use of timelines, chapter outlining, and chapter summaries to reinforce learning.

   Being able to retain and understand the material learned in history can sometimes be a challenge. My children tend to be much more visual and hands-on learners so we are always striving to add these types of resources and activities. Our timelines are one representation of that.

They are made using a simple seventy sheet sketch pad. 

We are using the  History Through the Ages timeline figures by Homeschool in the Woods and I have supplemented the figures by creating figures that were needed but not within this pre-assembled packet. In order to increase our productivity during class time, I cut and bagged the timeline figures by chapter in advance.

The pages were also marked with the time periods prior to the start of the course. The only thing left was for the children to review and verify dates from their text and history encyclopedia prior to adding the figures to their individual timelines.

My children finished off the chapter by creating a chapter outline and using it to summarize the chapter.

     We took this first chapter rather slowly. I wanted to emphasize the importance of utilizing good study habits and techniques. This week's activities were great for bridging historical knowledge with language arts activities. The resources that we used to wrap up this week are listed below.

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