Wednesday, May 4, 2011

School Without Walls

I'm sitting here, at a park table, watching my children play.  It is such a beautiful day, too beautiful to be spent inside.  These are the days we look forward to.  Where we can pack up the books and the laptops and just go.  Go to the park, to the lake, to a museum, the zoo, botanical gardens, or anyplace else we desire.  You see our classroom has no walls.  This view is what feeds our very interactive approach to learning. 

Our approach to learning is very hands on.  This is what excites and drives my four, very inquisitive, children.  On any given day you will find some experiment or another that one of them has decided to conduct.  Another may be up on the couch with a laptop, engrossed in one of the learning sites stored on our sitemark page.  You will also find my children playing lots of learning games together in the middle of the floor.  You see, this is their preferred method of learning.  That's not to say that we don't utilize curriculum, because we do.  We simply enjoy the freedom of not being bound to it.

See the learning opportunities in all that you do.  Take your classrooms outside both mentally and physically.  The world has so much to offer.  take advantage of it.


Dorcus Ethridge 

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