Saturday, February 21, 2015

Life Skills: Lessons in Couponing

     Money, money, money! That's the math topic my younger children are reviewing this month. They long ago learned all the money basics so we started the block with a brief review of those skills. They ran through the review section of Math Mammoth U.S. Money and practiced calculations with a few of the free money worksheets from But nothing drives a lesson home like a real life lesson

   I wanted them to have some real life lessons to go along with our unit so I created a section on couponing. Couponing allows for lots of discussions and practice with math calculations and money. They will learn to identify and compare prices of items, determine the amount of savings when using coupons, calculate the percentage saved on the cost of an item from using a coupon, how to calculate the total cost of a shopping trip with coupons, and so forth.

   Because we are a family that loves to use interactive notebooks, I created a short interactive notebook for our unit. There are a total of 8 pages in the notebook. Included are foldables on couponing as well as math activities and writing prompts.

   I am offering this file for FREE and you may download a copy of our Lessons in Couponing, here

Peace and blessings,


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