Wednesday, September 30, 2015

World History, Weeks 4-5

    We wrapped up the final two weeks of block 1 with a study of the Hebrew people and the beginning of our study on Ancient Greece. Chapters 2-3 of our text, Western Civilization, by: Spielvogel, were covered during this time. We continued using the same resources mentioned in previous posts.

Lesson 7
1. Maps:
  • The Descendants of Noah
  • Called out of Ur
  • Abraham's Journey
  • Exodus From Egypt
  • The Promised Land
  • 12 Tries of Israel
  • Israel's Golden Age
2. Watch: The Bible Homeland (Netflix)
3. Homework:
  • Read and take notes on pages 33-44.
  • Watch: The Bible: Kingdom, Survival (Netflix)

Lesson 8

1. Maps:
  • Solomon's Kingdom
  • Israel's Divided Kingdom
  • Neo-Babylonian Empire
  • Assyrian Empire
  • Persian Empire Under King Darius
2. Read and take notes on rest of chapter.
3. Homework:
  • Complete chapter outline
  • Chapter summary
  • Timeline
  • Study for exam on Monday
Movies and videos to watch:
Mankind, The Story of us All: Iron Men
From Bronze to Iron
The Book of Daniel (Netflix)
The Ten Commandments (YouTube)
Esther (Netflix)

Lesson 9 

1. Videos:

2. PowerPoint: Geography and Early People of Greece
3. Maps:
  • Early Greece
  • Greco-Persian War
4. Homework: Read and take notes, pages 54-68
Movie Suggestions:
300 Spartans (Netflix)

Lesson 10

1. Power Point: The Persian Empire and Persian Wars
2. Handouts:
  • The Making of a Spartan Soldier
  • Comparing Athens and Sparta
  • Persian Wars
3. Finish reading chapter 3.
4. Homework

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