Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Physical Science 2014-2015

      My eldest daughter is tackling physical science this year and she's already decided that she will not be reading the Apologia Physical Science Text. That's perfectly fine by me! She has chosen to read books from the library as well as CK-12 Physical Science Textbook. Thankfully, nothing needed to be changed in regards to our block scheduling and projects. I'm currently in the process of assembling all of her needed supplies for this year's labs. Here's a quick look into her physical science schedule and projects for this year.

Blocks and Projects:
  1. Intro. to physical science- 3 weeks
    • Lab- Gummy bear scientific method
    • Project- Lab equipment identification
  2. Matter- 5 weeks
    • Investigation: States of matter and their properties
    • Lab: Density
    • Lab: Physical and chemical changes
  3. Atoms, elements, and the periodic table- 5 weeks
    • Presentation- periodic table of elements 
    • Model- atoms and molecues
  4. Chemical compounds, formulas, and reactions- 5 weeks
  5. Intro. to motion and forces- 3 weeks
  6. Newton's Laws- 3 weeks
    • Presentation- Newton's Laws 
  7. Work, power and energy-5 weeks
  8. Heat and simple machines- 5weeks
    • Lab- Conduction, convection, and radiation
    • Project- 6 simple machine project
  9. Light and sound waves- 5 weeks
    • Lab: Exploring light (reflection, refraction, color mixing, etc.)
    • Lab: Exploring sound (singing glass, liquid sound waves, dancing oobleck)
    • Project: Water and sound experiment
  10. Magnetism and electricity- 5 weeks
    • Lab- Static electricity
    • Lab- Properties of magnets
    • Lab- Insulators and conductors
    • Diagram- Types of circuits
    • Project- Electromagnets
    • Project- Motors
    • Project- Batteries
    • Project- House wiring project
    We will be sure to add more detailed accounts of our experiences as the year progresses so stay tuned!


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