Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014-2015 Courses and Curriculum

    Curriculum, curriculum, curriculum!  Over the past few months, I have been swimming in curriculum. Each year, I wish I there was a magical box of curriculum that I could order for each of my children, but it's never that simple. Each of my children is unique and it is important to acknowledge their individual learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. With that being said, we've finished our course and curriculum selections and wanted to share them with you. I plan to post more detailed explanations of each choice, as well as resources in later posts.

DS, 9th grade (My very bright, ADHD, strong willed, visual, easily distracted, and argumentative child):
DD, 8th grade (Miss laid back, never in a hurry, learns any way as long as it's on her schedule):
My last two children both work through the same curriculum. The eldest of the two has always been a struggling learner. She takes a while to grasp concepts but once the light bulb goes off, she's got it. The baby girl is advanced and has always kept herself about 1 grade level ahead. In the beginning, it bothered me to see the younger child moving ahead of her sibling, but that soon changed. The two are close in age and have a very tight bond. In fact, the baby is often the one to teach her older sister a concept she couldn't grasp. It's a wonderful sight to see and the lessons are well received, coming from her little sister.

The last two:
Well, that covers all of them. Seriously, I think that's enough!

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