Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why I Love Pinterest

I was looking around on Pinterest this morning and came across this great pin.  It was to an excellent article written by: Helene Schmidt, a guest author on Sociable Blog.  You  can read the article titled 48 Great Ways Homeschoolers Are Using Pinterest.  It is an excellent article that I would recommend homeschoolers read that outlines various ways we can utilize Pinterest in our homeschool. But there are other reasons why I have come to enjoy Pinterest.

I have found some awesome recipes and cooking tips on Pinterest.  There are loads of organizational boards with lots of free printables.  I am always searching for ways to be more organized.  Pinterest has also opened my eyes to ways to reduce waste and reuse material in ways I could never have imagined. 

Over at Blue Velvet Chair, she shows how to use old magazines to upscale old mirrors. The Millays in Texas show you how to take an old diaper box and turn it into a stylish basket worthy of any bookshelf. My absolute favorite are the tons of ideas for using pallets that would otherwise be thrown away.  You can find a few at A Touch of Lovely and Too Much Time On My Hands.

I have to say that I resisted signing up for Pinterest in the beginning, but I am certainly glad I finally come on board. You can find us on Pinterest (Interactive Homeschooling).  We have boards full of useful ideas and sites we think you'll love.   If you haven't tried Pinterest yet, don't wait.  But a word of caution...It is addicting!


Interactive Homeschooling

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