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Looking Back 2012, Week 10

It's hard to believe that another week has gone by.  I feel like I was writing last weeks post only yesterday.  So much has happened over here.  We have finally concluded our home search and now it's nearly time to move!  We are all so excited by the idea, but not the process.  I guess we will be taking a week or two off from school soon!  Speaking of school:

  • Our geometry unit is still a big hit.  This week we reviewed all the concepts we learned so far.  New topics this week included Chinese tangrams, distinguishing between similar and congruent polygons, and pentominoes.  They had a blast playing shape shuffle and working with their geo boards.  We also played Tetris to show how geometry is used even in their video games.  I got major cool points with the kiddos this week, let me tell ya!  You can find out more by visiting my earlier geometry unit study post.  I will continue to update that post with resources and pictures from our study.
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  • We explored the Golden Age of Egypt this week.  The girls read several biographies about a few of the pharaohs from this time period.  Their favorite book was this pop-up book we had on our bookshelves, Discoverology: Tutonkhamen's Tomb, by: Jen Green.  We watched Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty and King Tut's Final Secrets on Netflix.  You know how much we heart Netflix!

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  • Our geographical  study of Asia has us in the wonderful land of China this week.  And as you can see from the silly poses of my baby girl, they've been enjoying every minute.  We were so lucky to have a traveling exhibit of the Terracotta Soldiers at our main library.  Art club this week was all about the fish kites.  Just a coincidence, that it fell in line with our Asia study!  Best part is that it's FREE!  We read a few books and did some online research about China.  We are using the China Notebooking Pages from our Treasury Membership over at  (Use discount code = discount10 to save $10 on your $20+ purchase at
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  • Our nature studies have been quite interesting this week.  We have been learning about the various places birds live and nest.  The girls completed their first carpentry project by building a birdhouse.  I can't tell you how funny it was watching them struggle with a drill that weighed almost as much as they did.  They were determined to do it themselves so I watched, and waited, and laughed a little more.  When they were finished, they were so proud to have done it all by themselves.  They did an excellent job too!  Yes, I know I'm a proud mama.
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  • The unexpected twist in our science lesson had us all crying from laughing so hard.  We refilled our homemade bird feeders and put out some things for this weeks science experiment (What types of materials do birds use to build their nests?)  While watching from the window we notice the squirrel pictured above to the left.  This squirrel was hanging upside down from the clothesline and dumping the sunflower seeds from the feeder onto the ground for his comrades who were waiting below.  He was there for quite a while before falling to the ground below.  We were so amazed at how clever he was and also to have solved the question we had been asking...How did the birds manage to get all of the bird seeds out of the bottle? Well now we know!
If you are a homeschool blogger and you have a post to share from your homeschool then add a link to your post below.  I would love to see what neat ideas have been stirring up this week in your schools too!

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