Friday, March 23, 2012

Knitting and Legos and Moving, Oh My!

It's Spring Break time over here and it's been mixed with some exciting moments and some overwhelming ones as well.  Moving day did not go as planned so the house is filled with boxes.  You can see my son jumping around some to get to the chair in the collage below!  All though things have been a little hectic, we didn't let that stop us from having fun and learning a new skill.

Picnik collage

I was inspired by Karen's daughter, over at HomeSchool Girls to finally begin learning to knit. I have had knitting needles and looms in the house for quite some time now, but never tried to use them.  After seeing the lovely drawstring purse Karen's daughter made, we had to give it a try and we are so happy we did.  To start out we used knitting looms.  My three daughters, my niece, and myself, all made our first hats!  The girls had such a good time and once one was done, they were begging to make another.  My eldest daughter even started mixing colors and creating patterns all by herself.  My barely 6 year old niece knitted her mom a purse!  She was so proud, but I wish I had taken a picture of my sisters face when she saw the bright colors her daughter had chosen!  It was a great bonding moment for us all and we are looking forward to learning more about knitting soon.

With all the busy stuff going on, we were so happy to be going on our scheduled trip to Legoland in Winter Haven, Florida!

Picnik collage

One of my buddies set up the most amazing homeschool field trips to Legoland for only $5 per person!!!  No, that is not a typo.  I'm sure they have made some adjustments to the price by now, so be sure to check their website for current homeschool group rates.  Included in the admission, which is normally $75 per adult and $65 per child, was a class on Lego Mindstroms.  The girls got to refresh their skills since it's been a year since they attended a robotics class.

Picnik collage

Although they enjoyed the class, they couldn't wait to get a glimpse at all the magnificent Lego creations featured in the park.  I think dad was the most amazed person there.  He couldn't stop snapping pictures.  It was an enlightening experience for the kids to see what a person's imagination could lead to.  After taking in some sights, we rode the great rides.  This park is so family friendly.  All of my shorties, who are usually too small to get on anything, were able to ride each and every ride there.

Picnik collage

We had such a good time and the hubby has vowed to make another trip.  Guess we'll be calling to book another homeschool trip for next year!

So what's been going on in your school?  Hop on over and share your ideas and experiences.

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