Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Time to Visit Asia!

The girls finished their geographical studies of Africa last week and when asked what continent they wanted to visit next, the answer was Asia! They figured that since we were studying ancient Mesopotamia, China, and India in history that Asia would be the logical choice.  I agree. So off we go!

If you know my family at all you know we like never use one text or book to study anything.  Our study of Asia will be no exception.  I have actually planned to use bits and pieces of several books we have on hand.  Some of these can be found at your local library and some easily online.   Here's what we will be using:

Spine Text: Evan-Moor EMC 766 Asia

(For consistency, we use these maps which we used to create our Big Book of Geography.)

We will also be using parts of Expedition Earth by Confessions of a Homeschooler. She even offers various dowloads for FREE! 

Youtube Playlist for Asia!

Online resources:
Getting Ahead: World Geography  (Discs 2-4)
Travel the World by Train: Asia
Wild Asia: Island Magic (Covers the native plants and animals of Southern Asia.)
Wild Asia: Kingdoms of the Coast
Wild Asia: In the Realm of the Red Ape
Wildest Asia

Well there are a few of the resources we will be utilizing.  I am excited to be exploring this continent with the kids.  It is sure to be a fascinating trip.

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