Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birds, Birds, Birds

We have been studying birds for the past few weeks.  We began using a text accompanied with outdoor observations but it is not working for everyone.  My eldest child loves the Apologia series.  The younger ones like it, but can only stay focused for short periods of reading from it.  My children love computers and hands on activities so I have spent the day looking ways to diversify our learning. 

Here are a few of the living books that the girls wanted to read:


I have been creating Quizlet flashcards to help with the retention of vocabulary terms.  All of my children love Quizlet so this is a huge plus. If they will study them, I will create them!  Here are the sets for lessons 2 and 3 of Apologia Zoology 1:

If you like quizlet as well, join our group, Interactive Homeschooling, and share along with us.  I have added all of the sets I have created to the group.

There were quite a few resources online that the girls can use for their research.  Here are the sites we will be looking to utilize: (Cool interactive bird identification!)  (Be sure to check out the facts pages!) (Index of birds based on diet.) (Birds of North America info.)

I know many of you are also studying birds.  If you have any other suggestions of resources or activities, please share.  We would love it.

Happy birding,

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