Monday, December 5, 2011

Weather Unit Study


 The kids are all practicing being meteorologist!  To aid them in their study on weather, I have provided them with a variety of resources they may utilize as they investigate the various components of weather.  We even found an awesome meteorologist kit to monitor the weather outside and  display readings inside for the kids to interpret, map, and put on their on weather forecast!  They are also using various books, videos, games, lapbooks, notebooking pages, experiments, websites, and online unit studies.  Here are a few of the resources we have chosen for this unit:

(Tip: You may find it helpful to set up a  sitemark account to save your pages in.  It is free.  You can set up subject folders and tabs within each folder to make them easy to access for you and your children.)

what is weather

Online unit studies allow my older children to utilize the web for directed learning.  They even provide experiments, activities, and quizzes for them to complete.  Here are a few my older two children are working through:


Suggested reading:
Weather Words  By: Gail Gibbons
How the World Works  By: Christiane Dorion
DK Eyewitness Books Weather  By: Dorling Kindersley
365 Science Projects & Activities   By: Phyllis J. Perry

Other resources:
Green Science Weather Station  By: Kidz Labs
Green Science Solar Science   By: Kidz Labs
Global Warming Experiment Kit   By: Thames & Kosmos

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