Sunday, October 23, 2011

Forces and Motion

Our science studies have been focusing on the study of physic.  The time has come for us to focus on forces an motion.  The next three weeks will be devoted to these topics. Starting this week, we will be completing Roller Coasters, a unit study by Amanda Bennett.  The required reading books for my children are Can You Feel The Force? By: Richard Hammond (pages 20-49) and Forces and Motions: From Push To Shove (Science Answers) By: Christopher Cooper.  Both of these titles were found at my local library.  From Interactive notebook Page, we will utilize the following power point presentations: Forces Parts 1-3, Newton's First Laws of Motion, Gravity, Motion Energy, Potential and Kinetic Energy, and Mechanical Interactions Summary. They will also be completing the modules on forces and motion on Engineering Interact. Other helpful resources:;jsessionid=898522C524AE746AE4EE91BC5D30F30A

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