Saturday, May 7, 2011

Working and Homeschooling!

Three years ago, our family began its homeschooling journey.  It was not an easy decision to come to because I wasn't quite sure how to juggle working and homeschooling.  You see, I had this marvelous vision. I envisioned myself providing the children with a lively learning environment that would be completely engaging.  And while I was doing this I would somehow cook three-square meals a day, keep up with all of the housework, get the kids to all of their activities, squeeze in some fun time with them and the hubby, and manage to work full-time as a labor and delivery nurse!  Boy, was I so wrong.  I was headed for failure.

In the beginning, everything was cool.  As time went by, it began to take its toll.  Keeping up with school, the house, and working twelve  hour shifts was getting to me.  Laundry had piled up and I was making lesson plans late at night after working all day.  I began to feel like I wasn't cut out to be a homeschooling mother.  That was three years ago and we are still here, homeschooling.

We are still here and the children are learning and growing so much.  They are enjoying their activities.  We are traveling together and visiting places we have read about.  Does that mean that everyday is a perfect day, no. 

What I've learned is that if we get all of the laundry done and the house is spotless then that's great.  But if not, then that's o.k. too.  You see, it is not the laundry that defines us.  Our children do.  From the thought of conception, they define us.  When we chose to teach them at home, they defined us.  Our children define us with every new lesson they learn and milestone they reach.  They are what makes us homeschooling mothers and I am proud to say that I am one of you!

Set your priorities and let them guide you into finding the right balance for your family.  Doing this may take some time, but keep at it.  Don't give up.  Keep trying different things.  Find a support group where you can talk with an older homeschooling mom who's learned to juggle it all.  Most importantly, remember that you are not alone. 
Peace and blessings,


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