Thursday, May 5, 2011



It took us two years of trying different programs out but we've finally settled on a program that all of my children have come to love.  (This is very rare since they are all so different.)  The program is called  Easy Grammar By: Wanda C. Phillips.  This program is taught using the prepositional approach which was very different from the other programs we used.  Taught by grade level.  It After a few weeks, my eldest child asked me "Mom, why didn't we get these along time ago?"  Priceless coming from my un-medicated  "ADHD" child. 

The program comes with the teachers edition which also contains student workbook pages.  If you chose to you could simply copy student pages, but I wouldn't recommend.  The student workbooks are affordable and cheaper than the ink.   I would also recommend the daily review book that accompanies this set titled Daily Grams.  This gives a one page, daily review lesson on various grammatical topics.  We love it!

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